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Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 2010!

WOW! 2009 has been and gone...and what a whirlwind! Opening the gallery, putting on some great exhibitions, immense stress, Hype Williams playing live in the gallery, celebrities, hangovers, laughs, snow and more...but what of 2010?
French's ISOLATED MAGICK has been extended and its last day is Saturday the 30th. Sweet and Sound magazine are still taking over the ground floor, but are taking down the photos that are currently on display and putting on a live event in association with the always great Ceylan projects ...and present 'Carnivals'!

Roll press release...

'Ceylan Projects and Sweet and Sound are pleased to present CARNIVALS, a five day residency curated by Aliina Astrova and Shane Connolly at Chapter One gallery.
Another example used in contemporary philosophy is the idea of a carnival - when the established system of authority is suspended, but not from above, as in the case of emergency, which only reinforces sovereign power that suspends law in this way, but from below, when kids begin to harass adults and so on.
For this project the gallery has been opened up to a group of artists from different disciplines to use over the last week of January. The space then becomes a platform for these artists to work on their own projects, collaborate with others in the space, set up performances, screenings or readings, record music or play open jams; no limitations are set.
The residency will have no final exhibition. What the curators are interested in is the very process that lies behind creating work both on your own and in collaboration with other people, the kind of process that does not lead on to goals or fulfill expectations: “What we are trying to do with this project is to allow the creative process to be visceral and honest. It is interesting to see how people can create work for no particular reason, without an authority of a gallery or an exhibition organizer, just this big chaos. This will be a space full of creative activity where people can feed of each others' ideas, collaborate on set projects or just rip each other off.


The residency is open for public MON - FRI 11 - 7 and during evening events to be announced soon.

The closing ceremony will take place on the 29th of January at 6 PM.

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